Poster Templates

Portrait (vertical) Poster

Portrait (vertical) Poster

People ask us all the time- “What size poster template should I pick?”

The conference will tell you what the maximum size a poster can be. Usually smaller is OK, and just because they give you a 48×96″ space doesn’t mean you need to make a poster that big. We think a poster looks best if it is a little smaller than the space allowed, so a 42×90″ or 36×72″ poster is a great choice for a 48×96″ space. We also think a poster needs to be at least 36×48″ size to be big enough, although we’ll make it any size you want.

Some conferences will insist on a poster of an exact size. If you don’t see a poster template of that exact size, feel free to call us. We’ve generated dozens of special size templates over the years, and are happy to share them with you. We also have metric size poster templates for download on our website, if you are lucky enough to be going to a conference overseas! Also, be careful, a lot of European conferences use portrait oriented (vertical) posters.

As I was writing this post, I got a call from a young lady doing her first poster. She wanted a 4×8′ poster, until we looked at the conference instructions that said she would get a 4×8′ space, with a maximum poster size of 3’9″x7’9″. We settled on a 42×90″, or maybe 36×72″ if she has the space.


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  1. Hiereerry says:

    lovely, i just added up another emo backgrounds to my blog

  2. Hey! Great post I found your website via aol. I’ll definitely be adding you to my favorite list. Keep the interesting posts coming

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    LOVE your site, will visit again 🙂 Submitted this post to Google News Reader.

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