Changing Your Poster Template

Poster Template

Poster Template

OK, you’ve dowloaded a poster template from us, and you want to change the look of it. It doesn’t matter to us- change away!  As I like to say, I’m just  a poor old printer and I’ll print what you want.  Lot’s of people have templates from their institutions, or something they set up, and we are happy to print whatever you send us.  Our PowerPoint templates are simply for your convenience.

To change the background, you’ll want to go to format>background in PowerPoint 97 to 2003, and Design>Background Styles>Format Background in 2007. You have a choice of solid colors, gradient fills, you can even use a picture as a background. If you do use a picture, be sure to put your text in a solid color text box, or it will be hard to read against the image background.

One thing that does not work well in printing of PowerPoint files is transparencies. They work great for projection, but the way a printer renders them is not so good. Use a lighter shade of the color you want instead.

We have a little MegaPrint logo on the bottom right, and while it breaks our heart that you would want to remove it, you can by going to the master page. The master page sits below everything and you can’t edit it without going to the master page. We put it there so it doesn’t get in your way as you move things around on your poster.


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  1. I usually dont post comments but I recently began using twitter and I am totally lost. Thanks for clearing some information for me. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Allan B Geno says:

    Great post thanks, all the best!

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