Self Standing Scientific Posters

Most poster sessions give you a large board upon which to put your poster with a few push pins.  Some, however, just give you a table to put your scientific poster on.  This happens a lot at inter-departmental events where they don’t have a big budget to rent display boards.  You’ll want a free standing poster, and we accomplish this with a tri-fold poster.

Tri-Fold Poster

What we do is make a 36×48 poster with a special template, which you can download using the link above.  The poster is mounted on foamcore board, and laminated with either a matte or gloss plastic.  The columns in the poster template are set up so we can score and fold the poster 12″ in from each side, with the laminate on the front serving as a hinge.  That makes the size 24×36″ for shipping, which is a whole lot easier to handle, not to mention getting it in your trunk!

When the time  comes to display your scientific poster, you simply unfold the two wings about 3/4 of the way, and you have a 36×48″ self standing poster.

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