Research Posters from Overseas

We got a call yesterday from a man in India on his way to a conference in the states. He didn’t have time to print his poster in India, and wondered if he could order his poster online and have it shipped to his hotel in the States. You bet!

We actually do this kind of thing pretty frequently. It saves the hassle of travelling with something that looks like a bazooka as you go through security.  It means you have one less carry-on piece, which can be a big help.  And, it can just make your life easier with one less thing to bring with you.

The only issue is that the poster had better be right, since you won’t have the chance to see it before you get to the conference.  That’s where our experience in doing thousands of research posters every year helps. We know what to look for.  We have people who have the skill and experience to fix them for you.  We know how to get your poster right, and it will get there and be ready to go.

That’s the promise you have from us, and we guarantee your satisfaction.


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