Scientific Poster Design Programs

Most people use PowerPoint to design their scientific posters. It’s easy to understand why- most have the program as part of Microsoft Office. They also use it to do presentations, so they are familiar with it. Buying Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Freehand, Corel Draw, etc. will not only set you back several hundred dollars, but you’ll need to learn to use another program, which involves the investment of 10 or more hours of your time.

The reason graphic design professionals prefer Illustrator and the like is that they are much more powerful and flexible. If you already are adept at using them, we support them, and you’ll get terrific results. But we fid that you can get terrific results from PowerPoint too.

Our templates also make it easy for you. People tell us they can put together a postern using our templates inĀ an hour or so. It sure is a lot easier to start with the structure of a poster and simply add your content.

We also offer phone support if you get stuck, and that goes for all the programs we support.


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