Scientific Poster Carrying Tube

Poster Carrying Tube
Poster Carrying Tube

People often ask about our poster carrying tubes. Shown is our standard tube, which is about 3″ in diameter, and telesopes out to hold 36″ to 48″ posters.  Many people find that the one time purchase of a poster carrying tube is a smart investment.

We ship our posters in the triangular boxes that Fedex supplies for sending blueprints in.  They do a great job of getting your poster to you in good shape, and we rarely have trouble with shipping damage.  Still, the box doesn’t fit in a airplane overhead compartment very well, doesn’t have a handle or strap, and it can be difficult to get your poster back in the tube, since there are flaps at the bottom that catch on the poster. For posters over 36″ width, we telescope two boxes together, and you usually make enough of a mess of the boxes when opening them that you don’t want to re-use them.  A poster carrying tube is almost essential for wider posters.

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