Ship the Poster to Your Hotel

At your hotel the next day
Shipping to your hotel

I just got off the phone with a researcher who is flying to Colorado on Sunday.  He needs his poster there on Monday.  He was surprised to learn that we can ship to him at his hotel, and very grateful, because it buys him an extra day to get things together.  He can send us a file as late as 3:00 on Friday and still have his poster delivered to the hotel  by noon Monday.  The Fedex pilot will wave on the way by.

We probably ship a third of all the research posters we print to the hotel where people are staying.  What it requires is a printing process that does you poster right every time.  We can do that!  Our experience printing posters from PowerPoint guarantees that it will be how it looks on your screen.  You can send it off to us, and hop on the plane with the confidence that your poster will be there on time and it will be perfect. 

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