Premium Poster Carrying Tube

Premium Poster Carrying Tube
Premium Poster Carrying Tube

A few years back, an inventor in Canada sent us a sample of a poster carrying tube that is much more durable than the plastic tube we had been selling.  It consists of a cardboard tube inside of a leatherette bag. There’s a strap and a pair of handles sewn into it.  It’s really durable, and will last you a long time.  Give the handles a good yank, and they don’t pull off.

We think it’s a great one-time investment in getting your research poster to the conference looking great.  It’s also easy for the security people to look inside, which is nice because carrying something the size of a bazooka tends to gain the attention of the TSA.
We still sell our standard plastic carrying tube, which is a very serviceable tube for those on a budget. 

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