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Our Poster Printing Shop
Our Poster Printing Shop in snow

We’re pretty used to snow in New Hampshire. Usually we have four feet or more on the ground by this time of year.  We expect the bad weather, and it rarely interrupts our operations. Once in a while, Fedex will pick things up a little early, but if we said it will ship today, it will.

Last week’s snow in the middle of the country created a lot of hardship for a lot of folks, including Fedex, who delivers most of our packages.  Fortunately, both Fedex and our customers knew it was coming.  We encouraged people who were on a tight schedule to ship overnight instead of 2-day, just to be sure things got there on time. We shipped a lot of things a day ahead of schedule too, just to give a day of cushion.
We ship a lot of research posters on very tight schedules here, and one of the reasons we use Fedex is because they are so reliable.  Having said that, it is always a good idea to have an extra day built into your schedule.  Just in case a snowstorm goes through Memphis.

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