Free Standing Research Posters

Tri Fold Poster
Self Standing Research Poster

Every now and then, a conference tells you to bring a poster that is self standing.  They don’t give you a board to mount your poster on. What to do?

We have a solution-  a tri-fold poster. This is a 48×36″ poster mounted to foamcore board, and scored on the back so that it folds into a 24×36 for shipping.  You take it out of the box, spread the two wings out, and voila, free standing poster!
There’s a template on our site for a tri-fold too. 
If you already have a 48×36 poster, there’s a trick for using it with a cardboard poster display board that you buy at an office supply store.  Our tri-fold web page, linked above, shows you how to attach a poster with binder clips.

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