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Fabric Research Poster
Fabric Research Poster

I had a customer ask me the other day about why they should do business with us instead of a local print shop. Here’s what I told her, and I hope I was convincing!

First of all, we specialize in this field. It’s not a sideline for us.  We have a group of graphic designers that print research posters all day, and we have all the right equipment to do it well and quickly.
I had a friend in college whose family ran a construction company. One of his favorite sayings was “If you want to catch a mouse, call a cat.”  It was his way of saying that people who specialize in a particular field save you money, even if you pay them a little more.  As importantly, they save you aggravation! Get somebody who gets it done right the first time, and get on with it.  We like to think that in the research poster field, that’s us.  People from over 800 universities and companies agree.
We do a lot of things that other companies don’t, like archive your files from the past.  It seems that every day somebody calls and asks us if we have the file from last year’s poster- and we do.  We have an electronic system that lets us look up your past orders to get you a copy of the bill, or just to know what you ordered last time, and we can do it while we talk on the phone.

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