Free Standing Posters on the Cheap

Self Standing Poster

Self Standing Poster

Sometimes a conference will ask you to bring a free standing poster instead of giving you a board to mount it on. We can make a tri-fold poster, but what if you already have a poster, or are a graduate student on a budget?

What we are showing to the right is a regular 48×36 poster attached to a 48×36″ cardboard display that you can buy in most office supply stores for $10-12.  The carboard display folds to 24×36 for transport, and the poster can be rolled and put in a tube.

Generally you’ll want to have the poster laminated with plastic so it will sit smoothly on the cardboard display, although if you are on a buget a paper poster will work.

Binder clips on the four corners and in the top center complete the display. It takes a minute to set up, and gives a very nice presentation.


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2 Responses to Free Standing Posters on the Cheap

  1. Lande says:

    Any suggestions on if you need something higher like those for fashion shows?

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