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It’s the busy time for us, and I snapped this picture on Friday as almost every printer in the place was printing a poster.  That’s a lot of posters when you consider that we have 18 large format poster printers.

We promise that your poster will ship today if you get the file to us by noon.  The way we can do that is to have enough equipment to make good on the promise, and of course, the organization to get them out the door!

We can even have your file as late as 3:00 and still ship it, although we have a rush charge for things that get here after noon that must still ship that day.

While we don’t encourage it, we have shipped posters that got here as late as 4:30.  The company record is a file that got here at 5:05! Of course, that doesn’t give us much ability to react to problems with your file.

Still, we like to think that nobody can give you service as fast as we can during the busy season. Which is now!


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