New Product- Repositionable Fabric

Repositionable Fabric

Repositionable Fabric

People often have a problem putting up posters where they can’t put tacks in the wall, and don’t have the time or money for fixtures.  Here’s a great solution- repositionable fabric.  It has a “sticky note” adhesive on the back, and it sticks very well to most wall surfaces like painted drywall, wallpaper, wood, and formica.  About the only thing we haven’t been able to get it to stick to is a brick wall, which is just too uneven.

You can re-apply it many times. In our tests, we’ve taken a poster down and stuck it back up over 25 times. 

Wherever you have a need to have a temporary poster, and just want to stick it up, this is a great solution!

It also will serve very nicely as temporary wallpaper. People tell us they have had it up for about two years very successfully in a corporate lobby. Do know that the material is not waterproof, so it’s really for indoor applications only.


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