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Since Microsoft is introducing the new PowerPoint 2010 today, I thought it might be helpful to talk about collaborating  to produce a poster.  We’ve been looking at the new tools being offered, and have some thoughts that we discuss in pretty good detail on our website.

Essentially, all the tools are set up for people in the same company using the same version of PowerPoint. Since most people collaborate with researchers from different institutions, they tend to have different versions of PowerPoint, and often a mix of Mac and PC platforms. Not to mention Windows 7, XP, and Vista. It’s not only different people- many of our customers have a different setup at home than they do at work.

When all those folks open a file, they are going to see different things because PowerPoint is not faithful version to version, and especially between the Mac and PC. It is awfully confusing to recommend changes to a poster when two people are seeing different things on their screen!

The discussion at will guide you through a process for being sure that everyone working on a poster sees the same thing.


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