Fluorescent Stains on your Research Poster

Flourescent stains on scinetific research posters
Flourescent Stains

Here’s another important reason that people come to rely on us for quality printing of research posters.

We see a lot of these flourescent stains in poster artwork. In particular, the blue stains can be problematic in printing, because the contrast between the blue and the black is low.
We’ve been testing different papers to see if we can find one that gives us better looking flourescent stains, and we’ve been successful! The results are quite a bit better, and we’ll be using that paper on all posters that have this kind of artwork in them. Our ongoing commitment to improving the quality of what we do gives you a better poster!
We also have found that using our matte lamination reduces the contrast on this sort of art, and if you select matte lamination when you order online, it will warn you that gloss laminate is a better choice if you have flourescent stains on your poster. Gloss laminate will make your colors “pop” better than matte laminate.

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