Medical Dictionary for your PowerPoint Poster

When you send your poster to us for printing, we work really hard to be sure that it’s going to look good. Our designer will check it for graphic design issues, and we’ll fix things like low resolution logos and reflowing text.

But, we gave up a long time ago trying to proofread the big long technical words in a poster. It’s also amazing how often people have misspelled the words they use every day.

We found a medical dictionary online that can really help! You can download it for free, and add it as a dictionary that Microsoft Office will use on top of your regular dictionary. It’s called MTH-Med-Spel-Chek and you can download it for free.

Installing the Spell Checker

Windows 7 and Vista locate your dictionary at: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Proof

Windows XP locates it at:

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Proof

Note that the Application Data folder is a hidden folder, and you will need to go into folder options and check the box to view hidden files.

When you browse there, you’ll see a custom.dic file that has whatever you have added to your dictionary, things like your last name and company name. Copy the MTH file to the same folder.

You can add the new dictionary by opening Word and going to Tools/Options/Spelling & Grammar/Custom Dictionaries. Click add, and check the box next to MTH-MedSpelChek.dic. All Microsoft Office programs will now use both dictionaries!

If you want to check that your favorite words are in the dictionary, double click on it. It is a text file arranged alphabetically, and you can scroll down to look for them. May you never spell a big word wrong again!


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1 Response to Medical Dictionary for your PowerPoint Poster

  1. Raj says:

    That’s news that MTH Med Spel Chek works with PowerPoint also. I tried once at the request of a reader, but couldn’t find it working along with PowerPoint. Thanks Jay for mentioning the dictionary here and thanks for trying and finding it work with PowerPoint.

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