Microsoft Word® for Posters

In a word, Word is BAD for postermaking. Because it wants to print your pages with margins, headers and footers, Word will print something different than what you really want for a poster.

36x48 poster template

Poster Template

We suggest that you use one of our templates, available on our website. If you already have your information as a word document, open that too. Copy and paste your paragraphs from Word into text boxes on the poster template. Usually it’s easiest to get everything into the template, and then figure out where your paragraphs, charts and graphs are going to go. Do Insert>picture>from file to get your photos in.

Use the dotted lines that are in the template to help you get things lined up. You can move the lines by clicking on them, and you can create a new line by holding the control key and moving a line (the old line stays where it was and you get a new one). The lines do not print. Here are some other guidelines for setting up your poster. Happy designing!


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