Designing your Research Poster

Designing a Research Poster
Poster Template

There are really two ways to get a research poster designed: you can do it, or we (or someone else) can do it for you.

If you are pretty good with PowerPoint, you can probably design your poster in an hour or two. Our templates give you a good starting point, and you just copy and paste your text, photos,  charts and graphs into it. Shove it all around to fit, and use the guidelines to get everything lined up. Done!
There are plenty of people who would rather leave this to us, however, and we are happy to do the design work for you. We know, after all, that you chose a different career than graphic design!
It usually takes us an hour or two to do the layout of your poster. That includes sending you proofs for review, and making the changes you request. Since it’s hard to know how complicated your poster is going to be, and how many revisions might be required,we charge by the hour for design work.
What you will need to send us is a word file with all your paragraphs, and all the photos, charts, etc. If you have it as a PowerPoint presentation, that works too. We’ll get you something to look at in a day or so, and once the design is approved, it will ship in our normal lead time.

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