Lots of Posters Printed!

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Whenever a sales guy (or gal) comes into our shop, they are amazed at the 18 printers we have. Nobody they call on has that many. Last Friday was a day that we needed them all.

Our promise is that if we have your file by noon, we’ll ship it the same day. Well, Friday was a busy day to begin with, and at 11:45 we got an order from one of our best customers for 18 posters that needed to ship that day. Thank God we had those 18 machines, because they were all working on Friday afternoon! We shipped our customer’s posters on time.

It’s not only a testament to our equipment. We have a great crew, and when the chips are down, they deliver! You can count on us to get the job done for you, too.


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Large-format Printer
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