Another Postersession Success

Poster Session Printing
Poster Session

We had a very interesting exchange with a customer last week. She had been taking her Mac PPT files, saving as a tiff at 300 dpi, and then making a pdf out of that. Why? Her local print shop told her that’s what she needed to do. The files were huge, hard to process, and frankly looked terrible. We asked her to send us the PPT files themselves.

Well, she got her posters back, and was stunned by the improvement in the quality! Not only is this easier, it gives a better poster. What’s not to like?
There are people who really know what they are doing when printing your poster.  We do, because it’s all we do. People who make their living doing color copies and letterhead? Hmmm… maybe not so much. What this lady found was that we are better at it, we make it easier for her, and our prices more than make up for the shipping cost.

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