Cloth Research Posters

Cloth Scientific Research Posters
Fabric Poster

OK, we’ve always called them fabric posters. But whether they are called cloth or fabric, these scientific research posters are a breeze to travel with. You get them in a box that’s 12×12″ and an inch thick. You can easily put it in your carry on or in your luggage. And, since a carrying tube counts as a carry-on item, the cloth poster can save you money, or at least time waiting for your luggage.

We’ve just started using a cardboard core to wrap the cloth poster around, which increases the diameter of poster folds, and makes your poster look even better coming out of the box.
And, by the way, we still have plenty of fabric, so we can ship your cloth posters the same day if we have your file by noon!

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  1. WOW. What a great product. What gave you the idea for this product?

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