Fabric posters make travel easy

fabric research posters
Goes in your carry on!

Air travel these days is bad enough without having to:

1. Check your luggage and wait for it when you land and
2. Pay an extra $25 or more for the priviledge!
So we offer scientific posters printed on a foldable fabric that you can put into your carry on luggage. It saves you time and money, and the poster doesn’t count as another carry on item. And, of course, you aren’t going through security with a poster tube that looks suspiciously like a bazooka!
Our fabric scientific posters look great- they accept inks just like paper does, and give great results even on hard to print things like flourescent stains and X-rays.

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1 Response to Fabric posters make travel easy

  1. Steffanie says:

    is this the same with canvas prints?

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