Research Poster Carrying Tube

Carrying tube for scientific poster

Standard Poster Tube

Before you jump on the plane, a little planning is required to be sure your research poster arrives with you, and in good condition. Suffice it to say that you can’t just roll your research poster up and put a rubber band around it, and expect it to be nice and fresh for your poster session.

We sell a telescoping plastic carrying tube that will protect your poster during your travel, and for $25 it’s a good investment. You’ll be able to use it many times.

Our prejudice is never to check your research poster with your luggage- too many bad things can happen! You want to carry it on the plane.  Of course, it raises the eyebrows of the security people, looking like a bazooka as it does. But, they see them all the time and are pretty used to them.

The other issue is that the tube counts as a piece of carry-on luggage. We’ve heard so many stories of people having to pay for an extra piece of checked luggage that we often suggest that they try our foldable fabric posters, which can go into your briefcase or carry-on.


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