Foldable Fabric Research Posters-Accept No Substitutes!

cloth research posters
Foldable Fabric Poster

We’ve been selling our foldable fabric research posters for over two years now, and we are finding great acceptance of them. Something like a third of all we make are now made of our foldble fabric.

We went through a lot of work to identify and qualify a foldable fabric that would print accurately, not take a crease, and that would work properly with our printers. It was a pretty extensive project, and we evaluated a dozen materials and tested four or five. The foldable fabric we use was the best we found.
We also know that we are the only people who are using that particular material for foldable fabric posters. So somebody who tells you that they have the same stuff? They don’t!  They are using one of the products we rejected.
There’s a lot more to making a great poster than buying a roll of stuff and putting it on your machine. That’s why we are the best in this business!

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2 Responses to Foldable Fabric Research Posters-Accept No Substitutes!

  1. How do these fabrics perform with highly graphical content?

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