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Poster from PowerPoint

So, you are ready to send your poster to be printed and they tell you to send them a pdf. Here’s what they are really saying- “Send me a file that is locked in stone, and anything that it wrong with it is your problem.” Which is true.

At we have a different approach. We want the PowerPoint file so we can make a change if there’s a problem. We’ll put a nice crisp logo of your institution in place of the one you copied off the ‘net. We’ll fix type that runs off the page or into the next paragraph.  We’ll change text to white from black when it’s against a dark background so it’s more easily read. All kinds of little tweaks that help.

All in all, we make some change to about 80% of the posters that come to us. We think that gives you a more professional poster, and a better presentation of your research. We know that you are not a graphic designer, you’re a scientist. We are graphic designers, and we give you the benefit of what we know to make your poster better.

Not to mention that PowerPoint 2003 and before don’t make good pdf’s.


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  1. freesoul says:

    I’m a physics teacher and I like teaching about science and physics

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