Research Posters with an iPad Spot

ipad video on a research poster

Space for an Ipad

When we first looked at this research poster, we thought the author had forgotten a paragraph or inadvertently deleted it. Wrong!

What she was actually doing was leaving a space for them to put an iPad®. They wanted to be able to show a video clip as part of the poster presentation.

Very cool! We think that’s pretty creative, and it’s the first time we’ve seen it done. Certainly not the last.

Naturally, we called to be sure this is what they wanted, since it rings alarm bells around here when we see a blank spot in the poster. Part of our service is to take a look and be sure your research poster looks OK.

If you are leaving a spot for an iPad in your research poster, let us know that you have intentionally left an empty spot by telling us in the special instructions when you order. It will save us both a phone call. We would also suggest that you order a laminated poster, which has more strength and stiffness for supporting the weight of an iPad.


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