Type Problems in PowerPoint Posters

powerpoint type pastes in very large

Big Type

When you are doing the copy and paste thing from your existing PowerPoint presentation or Word document into our poster template, sometimes the type comes in really large or really small. It looks like you’ve made a mess, but there’s an easy fix.

Look at the size of the type we’ve used in the Introduction part of the template. It’s usually 28 point in research posters that will be printed at 100%, and 14 point on posters that will be printed at 200%. That’s roughly the size you will want your type to be.

When you paste the type in, it will already be selected, as shown at the right. The easy fix is to simply change the type size while the text is still selected. In newer versions of PowerPoint, in the Home tab, you’ll see the font you have chosen and the type size. Change the type size to 14 or 28, and everything should look pretty good.

We suggest that you get everything onto your poster, and then start working to get it aligned and looking good. If you are running out of space, smaller type and smaller line spacing can help. It’s also a good idea not to be cramming too much onto the poster!


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