Poster Templates- You Can Change Them!

Poster Template in PowerPoint

Poster Template

We get a lot of calls from people asking if they must use our poster template “as is.” Heck no.

The answer is that we will be happy to print whatever you send. Feel free to change the color scheme, the size of the boxes, anything. Make it your own!

We offer our poster templates to make the design of your research poster easier. It’s better than starting with a blank computer screen, and all the setup stuff is done for you. Copy and paste your content in, shove things around to fit, and you are done. Most people tell us they can put their poster together in an hour or two using our poster template.

While our website has templates for the common poster sizes that we see, we have literally dozens of special size poster templates that we have created over the years. If your conference wants a special size, the chances are that we already have a poster template in the size you need. Give us a call and we’ll email one to you.


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