Glossy Paper for Research Posters

research poster printed with gloss paper

Glossy Paper Poster

We’ve recently added glossy paper to your choices when you use our online ordering for research posters. It’s a hit! I must tell you, I never thought that so many people would prefer it.

Glossy paper really gives you a fantastic looking poster presentation. The colors are bright and happy, and everything just has a very classy look. I’m starting to become a convert myself, having printed a few dozen of them over the last few weeks.We really like how the research posters look when printed on glossy paper.

I always thought that the matte finish paper, which is quite a bit less expensive, gave a perfectly acceptable poster, and it does. There’s no question, though, that glossy paper research posters are an improvement. Our customers are telling us that, too.

We always resisted the glossy paper because it tended to smear as we handled the research posters in our shop. The ink took a while to dry, and it was easy to make a mess handling such large pieces of paper. Well, a great improvement in the last year has been “instant dry” glossy paper. Worth every penny, it’s dry as it comes off the machine, and the problems we once had have gone away. So, we are happy to offer glossy paper research posters, and if you try one, you’ll love it too!


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