Printing a Poster at Kinkos®

Kinko’s is everywhere. Fedex bought them a few years back, and added Fedex pickup and drop off service to Kinkos printing offering. They have pretty extensive large format capability.

What our customers say is that they can always find a Kinkos to print their poster nearby. But finding someone to do it from a PowerPoint file is another story. There’s a lot to know about printing a poster from PowerPoint, and it’s frankly unusual to find someone at a Kinkos who has the experience to know what to do with it. They will want a pdf, which puts the responsibility on you that the artwork is perfect. Earlier versions of PowerPoint don’t make a pdf, and there’s lots that can go wrong with the newer versions. Proof carefully if you do this, because we find that we change something in about 80% of the posters we print.

It can be a low rez logo that we replace with a good one, text that reflows into the text or photo beneath, or one of a thousand other things that we’ve got the experience to look for.

More than anything, what separates us from Kinkos is that we have 17 years of experience printing research posters from PowerPoint files. We know what to look for, how to print successfully with bright happy colors and accurate photos, and we do it fast and affordably.




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