College Logos on a Poster

college logo on a poster

Pixellated Logo

One of the most common problems with research posters is that the author copies the logo of their institution from the web site and pastes it onto their poster. The logo looks great at an inch across on the website, but when taken up to 6 or 8 inches on the poster, it looks pixellated.

That happens because all image files are composed of little squares of color (pixels), and if you don’t have enough of them to make the individual pixels unnoticeable, it looks choppy like the one at the right.

Over the years, we have developed a library of high resolution logos from most of the institutions around the county. We have thousands! If the logo on your poster is going to look lousy, we’ll replace it with one that will look great. It’s something we check for on every poster.

Where else can you send a lousy file and get back a good poster? It’s one of the reasons more and more researchers have come to trust us to do their poster right.



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