International shipping.

When you are traveling internationally you want to make sure your poster will be there in time for your presentation.  By far, the most reliable way to be sure your poster is there is to carry it yourself!

If you print on our Foldable Fabric, you can fold your poster up and place it in your travel bag for the flight. By printing on the foldable fabric, you can sleep tight on the plane and rest up for your presentation. You will also save money as you wont have to check a 2nd or 3rd bag because you are carrying around a poster tube.

Fabric posters allow for easy travel.

Sometimes you really need to have us ship the poster to you overseas. Remember that Fedex takes several days for international priority, and there’s always the chance your poster spends an extra day clearing customs. We recommend you check the lead time for your destination at, and leave at least an extra day for shipping.

You can download your free poster templates here. If you don’t see a template in the size you are looking for, give us a call 800.590.7850 and we’ll email you custom template.

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