Academic Posters

vertical academic poster

Academic Poster

Academic posters are a great way to exchange information, which is why they are becoming popular at all levels of education. We are seeing them increasingly at the undergraduate level. It’s a great challenge to a student to do the thinking that is required to do a piece of research and organize it into the academic poster format.

Generally, you’ll see vertically oriented academic posters like the one at the right being used overseas, and horizontal posters being used here in the U.S. But not always! Be sure to check the orientation required by your conference before you start designing.

By the way, the academic poster in the photo is gloss laminated. While you see reflections from the flash of the camera, reflections are not normally a problem when presenting a gloss laminated academic poster. That’s because the lighting is above you, and the poster is at eye level. The reflections are then below your eyes, and the academic poster looks great. We find the glossy lamination gives your colors the pop they want!


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