Hurricane Sandy Update

megaprint building

Our Facility

We are happy to report that we made it safely through all the Hurricane Sandy excitement. We never lost power, and were never in any danger from flooding. In fact, we never had any problems last year during Hurricane Irene. Our building is about 25 feet above the level of the Pemi River, so even floods of biblical proportion don’t affect us.

What’s really impressive is the performance of our web site, It’s hosted in Virginia at, and while they have always impressed us, we never lost our website for a minute. We’ve hosted with them for seven years now, and have had a total of about a half hour of downtime on our web sites. Hats off to them! They are great people to work with too.

Of course, things were a mess in the New York – New Jersey area, and deliveries were delayed for as much as a week in the hardest hit areas. Our sympathies to those who were impacted by the storm!


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