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Along with the printing of your poster, many of our customers ask us to print handouts that they can give to people who view their poster. Poster handouts, if done properly, give someone a chance to review what they saw at a later date.

I say “if done properly” because a poorly done poster handout can be difficult to read. Without question, the type is going to be small. You’ll want a good quality printer to do the job. We do a lot of them, and are happy to help.

If you are going to print them on your office printer, you want at least a 600 dpi printer, and 1200 is better. That makes sure the little type prints clearly. You’ll generally want to print in color too, as the translation to black and white from a color PowerPoint file can give some very strange results.

We print a lot of handouts in legal (8-1/2 x 14) and tabloid (11 x 17) sizes. We want to use a size that’s reasonably proportional to your poster, and in a size that leaves the type legible. Part of our service is to make sure your poster handouts are going to look OK.

By the way, a set of toner cartridges for a tabloid poster handout printer costs nearly $1000, so you can start to appreciate why handouts are not cheap. If you are printing your own, check out 247inktoner as a place to find good quality toner cartridges at a fair price.



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