How does printing on fabric compare to printing on paper?

We’ve been printing on our foldable fabric for over three years now, and the acceptance has been terrific. Our customers are telling us that they love it! It’s convenient, saves them trouble at the airport, and looks great.

fabric research poster

Fabric research poster example.

Our fabric prints just like paper- nice bright graphics, clear pictures, and sharp type. It even does a great job of printing fluorescent stains, which are hard to do well. We went through a lot of investigation to find the right combination of material and ink to give you a poster that looks as good as one printed on paper (and our paper went through the same process). To our knowledge, nobody else in the industry uses the same fabric that we do.

Our fabric comes to you folded and in the box that you can put in your luggage.

If you are still a bit nervous about purchasing a fabric poster you can do two things-

  1. Visit our testimonial page and see what other researchers have to say about our work.
  2. Ask us to send you a sample. We stand by the quality of our work because we take pride in what we do! (*If ordering a sample- please allow enough time before your conference. All samples are shipped by mail.)

If you need help with this feel free to give us a call (800) 590-7850.

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