How Do I Design A Research Poster From Scratch?- Part 1

powerpoint poster

A happy customer.

We know that you want your poster(s) to look great when you are presenting your research. That’s where we come in!

One of our favorite stories is that of a customer who was at a conference, and knew she was going to need to produce a poster in the next month.  She walked around and asked three people standing in front of very attractive posters who had printed them. All three were printed by us! She looked no further.

If you are about to start the design of your first poster or are looking to enhance the quality of your poster – this post is for you!

First step – Choose the size of your poster.
Choosing the size of your poster is a very important and is an often over looked step in the designing process. You can put a lot of work into your poster, and then wind up doing it all over again if you pick the wrong size template. This happens a lot when a colleague shares a template with you, but it turns out to be the wrong size.

research posters

Research poster printed to be a 36″x72″

What size should my poster be?
Before you get too deep into the design of your poster we recommend checking your conference’s web site for the presentation guidelines. Once you know what size board you have available, (say a 4’x8′ which is a 48″ x 96″ poster), you will be able to decide what size you want your poster to be. While some conferences require a particular size, most will give you the board size, and it just can’t be any larger than that. We print a lot of 42″x90″ and even 36″x72″ posters for 48″x96″ boards.

If you start putting all your information onto your poster and things are starting to get too crowded, it’s pretty easy to make it larger. Just select all- (Ctrl +A), cut- (Ctrl +C) , change the page size, and paste (Ctrl + V) everything back. That will give you more room.

*Note: If you simply change the page size, PowerPoint will stretch everything to fit the new size, which not only can make things look funny, but it doesn’t give you any more room.

powerpoint templates

Free PowerPoint poster templates

I know what size I want my poster to be- Now what?
Now that you know what size you want your poster to be, it’s time to create your poster! We recommend downloading one of our Free PowerPoint templates from our site.

Next we will discuss customizing your PowerPoint template and inserting graphics.
If you have any questions feel free to give us a call (800) 590-7850.

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