Minimum Poster Type Size

Scientific Research Poster

Research Poster Success!

A very common question we are asked is how big type needs to be on a research poster. Here’s the party line:

1. Titles should be 100 point type or larger. On our templates, we usually use 150 point type. You want to be sure people can read the title, even from a distance. 72 point type is 1″ tall from the top of a capital letter to the bottom of a y, so a typical 72 point letter is really more like a half inch.

2. Section heading should be 72 point or so.

3. Paragraph text should be a minimum of 24 point.

Note that if you set up your poster at half size, your type will be twice as large when printed.

An easy way to make sure you haven’t made a mess is to use one of our free poster templates, which have things set up in appropriate sizes.


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