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NH State House

I was in Concord last week and the foliage in front of the state house encouraged me to take a picture. But the real thing I noticed was the mess on the gold dome, which you can’t see that easily in this picture.

I remember reading a few years ago how the State had spent some huge sum having new gold leaf installed. Now it’s all peeling up.

Knowing how the state buys things, they bought the low price on a sealed bid. Meet the spec- what’s your price. In my humble opinion, that’s a lousy way to get a good job, whether it’s a gold dome or a research poster.

We pride ourselves in doing things right. Your poster will be beautiful, and it will be there on time.

We don’t buy anything on a sealed bid in our company. We look for the materials that will give us the best image, the equipment that will work flawlessly for years, and people who know what they are doing. None of them come cheap.

If you think about it, though, having a fabulous poster instead of a drab one is probably worth a few extra bucks. After all, your poster session is an important professional opportunity. Do you really want to go low bid to present the culmination of a few years of your life? My brother, a VP of Research, tells me he goes to poster sessions to scout for talent. Think about that!


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