What Really Happens at a Poster Session

display posters at a conference

research poster session

So, a poster session is where everyone exchanges ideas about your area of science, right? Well, sure.

But there’s also something else happening that you should be aware of: people are cruising the conference for talent.

If you think about it, where better to talk to a large number of people in your field, see what kind of research they have done, and make a fast judgement of whether they might be someone you’d like to hire. If you are the Chief Science Officer of a company, you are going to be at the conference anyway! It’s a great place to shop for people.

What’s that mean to you? First of all, having a great looking poster, professionally done, is a must. Think about (gasp) wearing a tie. Finally, someone asking about your research topic may have in interest in you as well as your research. Do a little selling- of yourself!


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