Poster in a Museum

Poster Being Displayed

Poster Used in a Museum

Here’s a poster we printed for some research done by a student at Plymouth State University that talks about the influence of the Grand Old Hotels on the local economy of New Hampshire. It was actually displayed at the Museum of the White Mountains, which is doing an exhibit on the history of the hotels.

Poster printing is what we are all about. You can download a poster template from our website, copy and paste your information into it, and order the poster online. Our promise is that if we have your file by noon (Eastern Time) we will ship it that day. Fedex can have it to you the next morning.

We offer a complete line of posters up to 4×8 feet in size. We can print on paper, and laminate the paper with glossy or matte plastic. We can also print on a foldable fabric that makes travel easier, and can save you checked baggage fees. Last but not least, we can print self standing posters on foamcore.



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