Resizing a Poster

poster proportional app

Poster Resizing Tool

This great little app is now showing on our home page at

Often, you’ll want to start with a template from a colleague or a poster you created in the past. The conference where you are presenting has different size requirements. This handy poster sizing app lets you input the size of the file you have, and see what poster sizes you can get out of it without having to redesign the poster.

For instance, if you have a 36×24 poster and want us to print it 48″ wide, the tool tells you that it will be 32″ high. Order that size when you place your online order, and we’ll scale your poster up to the size you order. Everything will be beautiful!

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Square Research Posters

scientific posters square

Square Posters at a Conference

We print a lot of posters that are the same height and width, i.e. they are square. People ask for a template for whatever size they need, often 1 meter square, 48×48″, 44×44 ore 42×42.

The answer is to use the 48×48″ research poster template posted on our site. Since we can print at any proportional size, simply use the template and then tell us what size it needs to be when you place your order online.

That works for any of our templates. For instance, the 36×48″ poster template is set up in a 3:4 ratio. It can be used for any poster you want in that ratio, such as a 30×40 or a 48×64.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

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Fabric Research Posters

foldable fabric posters

Fabric Poster

People ask how our foldable fabric poster compares to a paper poster. The answer is:

  1. It prints just like paper, with the same bright colors and sharp type. Even fluorescent stains show up with good contrast.
  2. It is a polyester fabric that doesn’t crease sharply, so it can be folded and still look good for your presentation.

We sure sell a lot of them! Give our foldable fabric poster a try for your next poster session.

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Logo Issues on Research Posters

low resolution logo

Pixellated logo

One of the most common problems we see with research posters is low resolution logos. This is caused by people copying and pasting the logo from their institution’s web site into their poster.

The low resolution logo looks fine an inch across on your screen (which is 100 dpi), but starts to get pretty choppy when you make it six inches across on your poster, and then 16 dpi.

It’s always best to view your poster at 100% (200% if we will be printing at 200%) to see how your logos, charts and graphs, and photos are looking. If they are blurry, or stair-stepped, that’s usually a resolution problem.

A few suggestions to avoid this:

  1. You can usually get a good logo, either from the PR department or a colleague.
  2. Often a search for “logo” on the website will yield a good quality jpg or png file.
  3. We have an archive of good logos from hundreds of institutions, call us and we’ll email one to you.
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Happy Holidays from

MegaPrint Holiday Photo

Happy Holidays from

Here’s our annual Holiday photo of the gang at MegaPrint Inc.! We are 18 people working to serve your large format poster printing needs.

We’re looking forward to 2016 with lots of new equipment and large format printing capabilities. Stay tuned to this space to hear all about them.

Whenever you need large format printing, think of us! We cover the waterfront, from large paper prints to laminated, fabric, and tri-fold stand up posters. is a website of MegaPrint Inc. specializing in the printing of scientific research posters.

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New Poster Printer

new poster printer

New Printer!

Here’s the newest member of our family, an HP T2500 printer. We bought it (actually two of them) because we found that it gave us better color accuracy than the printers we had been using. They are faster too, and as we approach the end of a busy day, they help us keep our pledge of “In by noon, ship the same day.”

We are always keeping an eye on the new equipment coming to market so that we are using the machines that are going to give you the best poster.

We could have kept using our older printers, people were generally delighted with the quality of our work. But our commitment to having the top quality in the business demanded that we upgrade.

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Poster From Our Template

scientific research poster

Happy Poster Customer

Here’s  what academic research posters printed from our templates look like at the conference. In this case, Rajeev from Case Western Reserve University. Rajeev wanted to make a 42×68″ poster, so we modified a 42×72 template for him.

This research poster was printed on our matte paper, which is a premium material specially selected by us to give you the bright colors and accurate photos you deserve.

We only offer the good stuff. After all, it’s false economy to save a few bucks and have a dull and lifeless poster. A bad poster reflects badly on you.

And here’s another secret. I know a VP of a biotech firm in Silicon Valley. He goes to poster sessions to find talent. So, you may not just be talking to another scientist, you may be talking to your next boss.

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