Happy Holidays from Postersession.com

MegaPrint Holiday Photo

Happy Holidays from Postersession.com

Here’s our annual Holiday photo of the gang at MegaPrint Inc.! We are 18 people working to serve your large format poster printing needs.

We’re looking forward to 2016 with lots of new equipment and large format printing capabilities. Stay tuned to this space to hear all about them.

Whenever you need large format printing, think of us! We cover the waterfront, from large paper prints to laminated, fabric, and tri-fold stand up posters.

Postersession.com is a website of MegaPrint Inc. specializing in the printing of scientific research posters.

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New Poster Printer

new poster printer

New Printer!

Here’s the newest member of our family, an HP T2500 printer. We bought it (actually two of them) because we found that it gave us better color accuracy than the printers we had been using. They are faster too, and as we approach the end of a busy day, they help us keep our pledge of “In by noon, ship the same day.”

We are always keeping an eye on the new equipment coming to market so that we are using the machines that are going to give you the best poster.

We could have kept using our older printers, people were generally delighted with the quality of our work. But our commitment to having the top quality in the business demanded that we upgrade.

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Poster From Our Template

scientific research poster

Happy Poster Customer

Here’s  what academic research posters printed from our templates look like at the conference. In this case, Rajeev from Case Western Reserve University. Rajeev wanted to make a 42×68″ poster, so we modified a 42×72 template for him.

This research poster was printed on our matte paper, which is a premium material specially selected by us to give you the bright colors and accurate photos you deserve.

We only offer the good stuff. After all, it’s false economy to save a few bucks and have a dull and lifeless poster. A bad poster reflects badly on you.

And here’s another secret. I know a VP of a biotech firm in Silicon Valley. He goes to poster sessions to find talent. So, you may not just be talking to another scientist, you may be talking to your next boss.

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We do more than just posters!

printing of signs and posters

Sign Printing

We print a lot of research posters, but we do a lot of other things too. In this case we printed signs that helped out customer do a display of recent research the company had done.

We also do a lot of meeting signs, photo enlargement, and general purpose large format printing. We do vinyl banners for events, and wall murals to decorate offices.

If you need one or a few pieces of something large and in full color, that’s what we do.

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Poster Session in Plymouth

poster session boards

Postersession Setup

I was surprised to learn that a group from MIT was coming to town for a scientific meeting this week. Plymouth doesn’t attract a lot of this sort of thing, although I suppose we should. Maybe the conference organizers are skiers!

In any event, they had a very nicely done poster session with dividers provided by a local school. The venue was the Common Man Inn in Plymouth, which is a very cozy place to have a meeting, and we hope they’ll do it again.

Since we are right down the street, you can order your posters for pickup if you come to a meeting in Plymouth NH! Every summer we get a few people from the Gordon Conferences who do just that when they are coming to NH.

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Waste is not all bad

Medical Conference Poster

Scientific Research Poster

I had an interesting observation this weekend. I realized that we try so hard to eliminate waste that we become more wasteful. You need to be willing to waste materials, time, and money if you are going to do any experimentation that might move the ball further down the road.

For instance, about 18 years ago we were doing a qualification for a company. They sent us a file and we printed it. There was an error in the file, and even though we printed what was in the file, we threw the print away. We fixed the error and printed another. It turns out that the error was deliberate, and they were looking for a vendor that would find and fix it. We are still doing business with them!

Last week I “wasted” an afternoon going to look at a new printer that might solve a problem we’ve been having. I wasted some time trying a new material for banner stands. I signed up for a software service that may turn out to be a waste of time.

What I realized is that we need to be willing to waste if we are going to improve. That’s one of the things that’s kept us in business for 20 years.

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One More Reason to Have Us Print Your Poster

We had two Gordon Conference researchers come in today, and we printed their poster while they waited. I asked them how they normally printed a poster. They said that they had a poster printer in their office, which was in France.

The reason they used us was that they were still working on the poster while they were on the plane! So it bought them several hours to refine their work.

The other reason they gave is that the quality of the poster they got from us was much better. Which makes sense- we do thousands of them every year, and we have the right equipment and the experience.

It’s also fun that the conference is about a mile away. That helps too!

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Many Research Posters Fast

print posters in a hurry

Many Posters, Fast

It happens pretty regularly here. A poster session is happening, and someone is collecting all the files to send to a printer.

Naturally, everyone waits until the last minute. A lot of posters need to be printed in a hurry. We can do that!

This morning we are printing 56 posters for a customer who has had pretty much the same need for the last several years. He’ll have everything in his hands for Tuesday, even with the Memorial Day weekend in the way. He’s learned that he can rely on us to get him a lot of posters in a hurry.

We can do this because we have the people, the equipment, and the systems to produce that many posters in a day. We know this is a part of the business, and we will perform for you too!

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Correct Poster Sizes

making a poster the right size

Poster Size Problem

We are often asked “What size should I make my poster?” The answer is, the people at the conference will tell you, usually on the web page with all the other presenter information. Such as when it is, where, etc.

I went to this postersession last week, and there were 99 posters presented. All but this one got the message that they should be 36×48 horizontal posters. It really make a mess when you make the wrong size, as you can see.

Not that it was a bad looking poster. It’s just that it shows that the presenter didn’t pay very good attention to the directions, and that gives you a less than stellar presentation. I know it’s not terribly manly, but reading the directions is important for things like a poster session.


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UV Inks and Posters

fabric research poster

Fabric research poster example.

From time to time someone puts one of their posters up where it gets a lot  of sun, and after a while the poster fades. This can also happen under some fluorescent lighting, especially when the poster is very close to the light. Ultraviolet light is the  culprit, it fades lots of things over time, including the inks that have been traditionally used in large format printing.

Much of the newer equipment on the market has what are called UV inks, meaning they are designed not to fade in sunlight. They are good for 5 years or more indoors. A lot of what we print uses UV inks these days, but not always. That’s because we have several generations of equipment here, and frankly, we like the color results we get from some of the older equipment. And, when we get very busy, we may run your print on an older machine to get it out the door the same day. Which I guess is a way of  saying that when push comes to shove, we worry more about getting your poster to you on time.

If you plan to put your poster where it will get direct sunlight, ask for UV inks in the special instructions of your online order. It adds a little to the cost, but your print won’t fade.

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