Poster in a Museum

Poster Being Displayed

Poster Used in a Museum

Here’s a poster we printed for some research done by a student at Plymouth State University that talks about the influence of the Grand Old Hotels on the local economy of New Hampshire. It was actually displayed at the Museum of the White Mountains, which is doing an exhibit on the history of the hotels.

Poster printing is what we are all about. You can download a poster template from our website, copy and paste your information into it, and order the poster online. Our promise is that if we have your file by noon (Eastern Time) we will ship it that day. Fedex can have it to you the next morning.

We offer a complete line of posters up to 4×8 feet in size. We can print on paper, and laminate the paper with glossy or matte plastic. We can also print on a foldable fabric that makes travel easier, and can save you checked baggage fees. Last but not least, we can print self standing posters on foamcore.


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Trifolds for Small Trade Shows

Budget Trifold Poster

Economy Trifold Poster

We usually see trifold posters going to medical conferences where they need to stand on a table. But not always!

This poster was for a rugby club to use at a local event. It’s a great way to do a display at low cost! The trifold is affordable at $99, and ships folded to reduce cost and damage in transit.

The final size is 48″ wide and 36″ tall. We score and fold it 12″ in from each side, so it ships as 24×36″. We print directly on the foamcore with our UV flatbed printer, so the images are crisp, colorful, and accurate. They also will not smear, even if wet.

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Our Page on Facebook

postersession on facebook

Postersession Facebook Page

We’ve had a Facebook page for for a long time now, but thanks to Noel in our graphic design department, it has a new look!

We are deep into poster production for the spring season! Keep ’em coming and we’ll get it done for you.

As always, our promise is that files here by noon Eastern time will ship the same day. Our site has free poster templates for download, so all you need to do is copy and paste your words, photos, and charts into the template and your poster is ready for us to print!

Our designers give your research poster a look-over to be sure it is in good shape too.

We’ve printed nearly 100,000 research posters since 1994. Let us print one, or a few, for you!

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Large Fabric Posters

large size fabric poster

48″ Fabric Poster

Sometimes you really want a foldable fabric research poster in a large size. We are one of the few companies that can print wider than 42″.

We do a lot of 48″ width fabric research posters, and if needed we can go up to 54″ (53″ full bleed) width.

At 48″ width you still get accurate colors, sharp type, and a research poster that can be folded and put in your carry-on luggage. Often that will save you baggage fees.

And, of course, we still ship your poster the same day if we have the file by noon. You can enter your order online– it’s fast, easy, and secure. Most people tell us that’s the easiest way to get us everything we need to get your poster printed, and it only takes a minute or two.




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New Economy Trifold Presentation Poster

scientific research poster board

Projex Board Poster

We’ve changed our economy trifold poster boards a bit. From now on, we will print them on ProjexBoard¬† cardboard blanks. Since the cardboard blanks come to us pre-cut and scored, they fold cleanly and give a more professional presentation.

Our standard tri-folds, which have an overlaminate,¬† are still available. The Projex Boards are only available in 36×48 size. They fold into a 24×36 size for shipping, and ground shipping will be free on them!

These economy tri-fold posters are perfect for any presentation where your poster needs to sit on a table instead of being hung on a wall divider. Think of them for science fair posters, smaller in-house meetings, etc.

Call us when you need an economy, self standing research poster!


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Electronic Postersession

computer monitor posters

Electronic Poster

Here’s a view of the future, research posters being displayed on computer monitors instead of paper posters on dividers.

No question, it’s cool to be able to flip a switch and have a new poster displayed. And, you pay for the monitor once, and a paper research poster every time.

I would argue that this kind of setup has a few disadvantages too:

  1. It’s too small. The smallest poster we usually print is 3×4 feet, these are about half that size. Not only are they going to be hard to read, but the author can only have one person to talk to at a time.
  2. What can we say but that a paper poster always works! I wonder what the reliability of the system is, and what happens to the presenter whose monitor isn’t working.
  3. Presenters tell us that, given the expense of these setups, there are not that many available at a conference. They are only able to be in front of their research poster for 20 minutes or a half hour. That doesn’t give people much opportunity to talk to them, and it just about completely removes the ability to browse the posters.

So, we hear about conferences presenting research posters this way. It’s new, and the early adopters are giving it a try. The old fashioned folks are worried that a wonderful way of spreading information is being dumbed down.

Time will tell!


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Research Poster Banner Stand

banner stand scientific poster

Self Standing Poster Banner

While we print thousands of research posters every year, this was a first for me. Our customer wanted a self standing poster, but not a trifold poster. It had to be a vertical poster, be pretty tall, and easy to transport.

We suggested that they use a banner stand, and made them a special size poster template that would fit our standard banner stand.

Most European poster presentations use a portrait oriented graphic, as opposed to those in the US where landscape orientation is predominant.

We can still produce a research poster like this in a day! Give us a call and we’ll make one for you.


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Happy Holidays from MegaPrint Inc.

research poster printing team

Happy Holidays

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers and friends for another successful year. Happy Holidays!

If you need a poster for a conference in the new year, we hope you’ll think of us.

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Science Fair Posters

self standing foamcore poster

Economy Tri-Fold Poster

This is a typical economy trifold poster. They were getting ready to package it the other day, and I thought it deserved a mention.

This is perfect poster for a science fair. It gives a beautiful presentation and comes at the right price- only $84 plus the shipping.

We direct print these right on the foam core, which is how we get the cost so low. We score them for folding, and ship them between sheets of cardboard.

We have free PowerPoint poster templates on our website. Download the template, copy and paste your information into it, and then order your poster online.



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Portable Poster Setup

research poster on foamcore

Foamcore Mounted Poster

Here’s a research poster that the Loon Center likes to take around wherever they might have the chance to find a loon lover. I took the photo at their annual gala two weekends ago.


stand for holding a foamcore poster

Tabletop Poster Stand

To make it easy to display, they have their poster printed on foamcore board, and they then display it on a nice tabletop easel stand. In this case, they haven’t extended the legs of the stand, which works great on a table top.

The other thing they do is to use our plastic edge trim to keep the edges of the research poster from getting banged up as they move it in and out of cars and through doorways.

I think this gives a great presentation, and it certainly has lasted well. We made this poster for them almost two years ago!

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