Tri Fold Poster Template

template for tri-fold research poster
Tri-Fold Template

A couple times the past few weeks we have had people send us a file for a 36×48 poster when they were expecting a tri-fold poster. By way of explanation, a tri-fold poster is mounted to foamcore and scored 12″ in on each side so that it can be folded to 24×36″ size for shipment. It’s also a lot easier to get into your car that way!

The problem is that a 36×48 regular old poster file is hard to distinguish from the trifold version of the same size, especially if there is nothing in the title of your poster that would indicate it should be a tri-fold. If you order a tri-fold, that’s what you get.  Same with a 36×48 gloss laminated poster. But, it’s all in the drop down menu, so we wanted to offer some way of avoiding a mistake.
What we have done to try to ease the confusion is to change the color scheme of our tri-fold template to purple from blue. This way if we see a purple poster ordered as something other than a tri-fold, we can give you a call. Of course, if you change the background, you are on your own!

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