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free scientific poster templates
Vertical Poster Template 36×60

I had a conversation with a customer yesterday, and we were quite a way into our talk when it came out that he was going to Europe to present his research poster.  Most scientific poster sessions in Europe use a vertical poster template, and he had set his up to be horizontal (landscape orientation).  It would be a real mess to go all that way and find your research poster didn’t fit on the board!

So the next time you land a trip to the old country to present a scientific poster, be sure you download the free powerpoint template with a vertical orientation. Careful about sizes too-they are metric over there, and will give you poster dimensions that way. We have free metric templates as well on our web site. Very often you can copy and paste information from your existing poster into a metric template with a minimum of fuss.
We also have a large library of special size free research poster templates that we have done over the years, and we are happy to send you one if you need it. We’ll even design a poster template in a special size for you!

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  1. Steffanie says:

    it should also be the work of the printing company to fit this.. they should help their customers. 😀

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