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scientific research poster

Happy Poster Customer

Here’s  what academic research posters printed from our templates look like at the conference. In this case, Rajeev from Case Western Reserve University. Rajeev wanted to make a 42×68″ poster, so we modified a 42×72 template for him.

This research poster was printed on our matte paper, which is a premium material specially selected by us to give you the bright colors and accurate photos you deserve.

We only offer the good stuff. After all, it’s false economy to save a few bucks and have a dull and lifeless poster. A bad poster reflects badly on you.

And here’s another secret. I know a VP of a biotech firm in Silicon Valley. He goes to poster sessions to find talent. So, you may not just be talking to another scientist, you may be talking to your next boss.


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Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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