Canvas Research Posters

fabric scientific poster

Happy Customer!

We’ve had a number of orders come in recently from customers asking for a canvas poster. I gotta tell ya, canvas is the wrong material to use for a research poster. I think a lot of it happens when people hear about our foldable fabric posters, and their mind thinks “canvas”.

What you want is a material that doesn’t crease, like the one pictured at the right. It’s a fairly thin polyester material that we searched really hard for, spent a lot of time qualifying, and have gotten to work quite well on our equipment. It gives us results that are comparable to paper. Which we think is pretty important.

The reason we want to use fabric is so that it can be folded and put in your carry-on luggage. That’s a whole lot easier to do than carrying a big poster tube, and it can save you a fee for an extra piece of luggage.

photos printed on canvas

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints, while great for photos and artwork, are really not the stuff to be folded. We print a lot of both, and both have their place. Canvas for stretching as permanent artwork, foldable fabric for research posters.

The good news- the cost of both is roughly the same.


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