Tri-Fold Posters

Tri-Fold Posters
Foamcore mounted tri-fold poster

Usually you’ll put your poster on a board with push pins, but not always!

Some conferences will tell you to bring a poster that will stand on a table. If so, use our tri-fold poster. There’s a special 48×36″┬átemplate on our web site for them.
The tri-fold poster is mounted to foamcore board and laminated with plastic. We then cut through everything but the front layer of laminate, and using the laminate as a hinge, fold in the 12″ on either side. This give you a 24×36″ size piece for much easier shipping. A 36×48 will not go into the back seat or trunk of most cars very easily either!
The reason we have a special template for tri-fold posters is that the text boxes are set up so the fold lines do not run through them. That makes them easier to read.

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